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Interested in becoming one of our agents and opening a Stanleybet agency?

All new agents are supported by our Stanleybet operations branch in Cyprus, and are provided with a handsome investment package to help setup their agency.

Our experienced managers will assist you in locating the right premises and will provide you with a workforce that is comprised of highly skilled shop fitters and technical teams which ensures that the process of setting up & operating the Stanleybet agency becomes fast, easy and efficient.

Rest assured, we will get you started !!!

Furthermore, you will be provided with:

  • Training
          We have a specialized team of managers and IT dedicated to each of our agents, who will ensure that     
          you are provided with the knowledge & understanding in order to efficiently operate our sports betting       
          products and accounting software.
  • Technical Support
           Our technical teams, comprised of IT and support help lines, work 7 days a week in order to ensure the
           fast resolution of any technical issues which might occur in shops with regards to software & hardware.
  • Operating/Accounting Support
           Our financial department will ensure that you are provided with all the necessary financial/accounting
            information required to open and operate a Stanlbet agency. They also assist in:
                     > Checking payments on deposits
                     > Provide a weekly accounting statement to all our agencies each week.
                     > Handle any potential issues that might occur with regards to finance & accounting.
  • Marketing & Customer service support
           Our Stanleybet shops are constantly supplied with the latest promotional & advertising materials in
           order to ensure that customers are fully aware of our announcements relating to product offers.
           We always strive to enhance the satisfaction & experience received from our products/services. This is
           one of the reasons as to why we take good care of constantly obtaining & analyzing feedback from both
           our agents and customers.


If you want to apply with us or just want to seek more information, please feel free to contact us or send us an email so that we can schedule a meeting. Rest assured that no commitment is required on your behalf by having a meeting with us.

Telephone : 22 444584     Fax : 22 453578

Email :

Address : Kennedy Avenue 57,  Nicosia  Postcode: 1076


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